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5 Things Journalists and Musicians Have in Common

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On the surface, the news and music industries seem like completely different animals. With a closer look, though, you can see how the Web has thrown the entire media business into uncharted territory.

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How Newsrooms Can Adopt a Mobile-First Mindset | Mediashift | PBS

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First, it was the Web. Now, mobile is the “second tidal wave of change about to collide with the news industry,” said Cory Bergman, general manager of Breaking News, a mobile-first startup owned by NBC News Digital.

As more consumers access news on their mobile devices, news organizations are seeing traffic to their websites from desktop computers flatten or decline. And in some regions, such as many parts of Africa, users are leapfrogging the Web altogether and going straight to mobile.

Although many newsroom leaders believe a “mobile, too” approach — a focus on mobile in addition to other platforms — will be enough, that mentality is shortsighted, Bergman said in a recent Poynter Online chat.

Joining Bergman to discuss the news industry’s transition to mobile were Poynter’s Regina McCombs and Damon Kiesow, senior product manager for mobile at the Boston Globe and Boston.com.

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Thanks to the web, journalism is now something you do — not something you are

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The fact that it is more difficult than ever to decide who qualifies as a “journalist” may make for a confusing media landscape, and it may trouble some professional journalists and media outlets, but in the long run we are better off.

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Technological Disobedience : a moral liberation

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“Take a typical stressful situation, such as losing your job. You could say that the hardship of being unemployed could be depressing and stress-inducing, and thus kill any attempts at creativity. Understandable. However, if you see losing your job as freedom from the restrictions of your previous job, suddenly everything starts to look a little different. Instead of it being a negative, “I have no job” it becomes a positive, “Now I am free to explore new things”.”

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Why Social Media Isn ‘ t Doing For Us What London’s Coffee Houses Did For … – Forbes

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Why Social Media Isn’t Doing For Us What London’s Coffee Houses Did For …

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Tool for journalists: Repost, for embedding articles

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Repost creates an embed code for a whole article, allowing you to embed it in the same way as you would a YouTube or Vimeo video

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Send, per inviare velocemente i testi direttamente al sistema editoriale del tuo giornale

Send è l’editor di testi, semplice e funzionale, ideale per freelancers e giornalisti. Permette di semplificare e velocizzare il lavoro, grazie all’invio DIRETTO dei testi a qualsiasi sistema editoriale del mondo.

Precisione: l’uso di contatori di moduli, righe, battute.

I contatori di moduli, righe e battute ti permettono di tenere sotto controllo la dimensione del testo.  Quando il tempo a disposizione è poco e la fretta tanta non bisogna scrivere una riga di più!


Controllo ortografico e autocorrettore

Durante la scrittura puoi rimanere concentrato tranquillamente solo sul testo. Il controllo ortografico e l’autocorrettore consentono una rapida correzione del testo.