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How to configure app to send news with agency format


On settings –>Mail –> Fast mail configure gesture to send in “fast mode”

On Settings –>Mail –> Gesture  —-> Select In-app mail (agency format)

On Settings –>Mail –> Attachment Name configure name of document send with “fast mode”

On Settings –>Mail–> Body –>  You can configure your agency format (Telex)

A text of agency format  provides a structure like this:


where ZCZC indicates the beginning and  NNNN indicates the end of a news.

Here’s an generic example of how to configure
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How to configure Appearance


The simple and clean interface can be configured to suit your needs. Clicking the Settings icon (the wrench) and going in the Appearance section you can place documents in the column left or right and is configurable font and size to use in writing. Also, in Settings-> Counters can configure the use of characters counters, modules and rows. The interface can be used in either portrait or landscape adattondosi instantly after turning on your IPAD.

How to configure Safety


On Settings–>Autosave–> select time you need.

You Can not write with the fear of losing all the work. The texts are saved as you work, every 30 seconds, in a completely transparent way.
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